Make a Donation. Help build tuition scholarships that teach blind students to light-up their world. Photo shows a group of WAFTB supporters standing under a banner that reads "Thank you for your support", flanked by the WAFTB logo.
Every 5 seconds someone goes blind. We can teach them a new way to see. Your donation at helps us to reach them. Image shows an outline of a stopwatch with 5 seconds highlighted in yellow and an inset photo of Daniel Kish kneeling on the floor beside a two year old student has they discover FlashSonar echoes in a bowl.
Every 5 seconds someone goes blind. We can teach them a new way to see. Your donation at helps us to reach them. Image shows an outline of a stopwatch with 5 seconds highlighted in yellow and an inset photo of Kristy Hooper clapping her hands while her blind daughter Lily-Grace plays a tamourine.
Every 5 seconds someone goes blind. We can teach them a new way to see. Your donation at helps us to reach them. Image shows an outline of a stopwatch with 5 seconds highlighted in yellow and an inset photo of WAFTB Perceptual Navigation Instructor Juan Ruiz clapping his hands as he gauges the size of a square in Bangkok as he trains blind students there.


Help Ethan get MacTuff! He wants more blind kids to see with sound. Ethan loch gets down and dirty April 16th in the MacTuff Kids Challenge. Donate to sponsor him at Three circular picture frames are set against a blue tartan background. From left to right they contain a photo of parents with two small boys all trying to make their way through deep mud. The second shows Ethan Loch standing against a tree with his white cane. The third shows two mothers standing with their kids covered in mud under a MacTuff Kids sign.


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Donate at WAFTB’s JustGiving page

Ethan David Loch, 12 year old piano prodigy/composer. First blind student accepted to Edinburgh's prestigious St. Mary's Music School. Two-time winner at the Glasgow Music Festival; Overall winner Giuseppe Sciacca `Award; World Access For The Blind FlashSonar student. Logo: World Access for the Blind, Our Vision is Sound. Help fix misperceptions | Please donate at Photo shows Ethan playing the piano.


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IMAGE: Daniel Kish instructs 9 year-old Nava Madani in FlashSonar echolocation and full-length cane technique along a tree-lined street.

Be A Spark Of Inspiration!

Even in this day and age, many blind children in the United States and around the world are ‘falling through the cracks’ of society due to a lack of funding or lack of access to educational resources and services, resulting in language and mobility delays and leading to isolation and dependence. The situation is even worse if they have been diagnosed on the Autism spectrum or with other sensory conditions.

For over 16+ years, World Access For The Blind has specialized in working with these students, their families and school districts to formulate multi-faceted activational programs and mobility training approaches designed to instill knowledge, competence, confidence and self-directed independence in these students.

And as media coverage of our work echoes our clicks to billions of people around the world, we need to train and hire more instructors in the USA to meet the backed-up demand for our services.

Be a spark of inspiration for a blind student by contributing to our FlashSonar™ Tuition Scholarships, so that they can learn to light-up their world and leave the darkness behind.

Thank you!

‘Staying The Course Took Perseverance’

Following the founding of World Access For The Blind in 2000, 9/11 shook the economy “top to bottom”, as Success Magazine’s profile of Daniel Kish states. “All funding dried up overnight”, he [Kish] says [while waiting for his tax-exempt status to be confirmed]. He lived of his savings and credit cards. . . his gas was turned off . . .”my cupboards were bare”.

“But thousands of clients later, Kish is still operating on a budget far leaner than he’d like, in part because he never turns any student away.” Please help Daniel and the rest of the World Access For The Blind Team reach more students by making a donation that is tax-deductible in the United States.

‘The Boat’s Become A Ship – We Need A Bigger Engine!’

We most welcome and appreciate the generous contributions you or your company/organization kindly make, allowing us to better meet increased demand for our services, while keeping our fees minimal or free to most students. World Access for the Blind is a nonprofit charity that relies on generous contributions to facilitate self-directed achievement for blind people in the U.S., and around the world.

Your donations help to cover related expenses where we provide pro-bono services to low-income students in need. This year we’ve set a higher fundraising goal and look forward to your thoughtful support.


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